Venison, Garlic & Red Wine Meat Pattie - 150gms - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

There are few delights more satisfying than a delicious, tasty and mouth-watering... juicy burger!

Venison, garlic and red wine - have you tried that combination yet? A culinary experience awaits, so be sure to give it a fry. 

Expertly crafted in-house and seasoned just right according to our family recipes. Lean, plump, and juicy meat patties, your home-made burgers will be second to none.

Listen, you don’t have to over-complicate things when you’re talking about burgers for dinner…

Sizzling heat calls for a sizzling grill - and there’s nothing better than a summer full of friends, fun, and food. So, fire up the grill and invite the gang over, because we’ve got the burgers!

If you’re ready to take your dinner to the next level with mouth-watering burgers the whole family will love, order now for 100% exceptional flavour and juicy burger tenderness.

Once you’ve seen and tasted one of these bad boys you’ll be back over and over again. You’ll be addicted as soon as you taste one.

Nothing beats a good burger!